Where to Start...

I've been thinking of beginning a personal blog for a long time. If anything, it's probably just the newest iteration of a long series of personal journals and pages scattered across the internet. I remember my middle school self signing up for Wix to set up this pink and blue monstrosity (unfortunately it must be buried pretty deep because I can't find it for the life of me). While I've kept the pink and blue colour scheme I'd like to think it looks a bit better than it would have when I was 13.

I've always been impressed and amazed by people who managed to keep up blogs and social media. I think the ability to convey yourself so openly is a skill. While I've been involved here and there on platforms such as Twitter and Tumblr, I rarely took the time to write up my thoughts and experiences. This blog is going to be a mixed pot of personal thoughts, technical knowledge and experiences, but in the end I hope it helps me learn to converse with more confidence.


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